Audio Connection has the highest-quality selection of turntables, neatly designed to blend sleek aesthetics with top-notch functionality.
From limited editions to beginner-friendly turntables, we have them all.


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Level up your music experience 

With the right turntable accessories, you can experience music like never before. Our collection of high-end turntables offers a warm and natural sound that online streaming platforms can never replicate. So whether you're a Beatles or Guns N' Roses fan, our turntables and turntable accessories can spin your records and take you back in time. 

Choose your sound

At Audio Connection, we recognise that everyone has distinct music tastes. That's why we offer both belt-drive and direct-drive turntables for analogue music lovers. 

We have a fully manual, belt-drive turntable with a 30 mm thick anti-resonance medium-density fiberboard plinth best for dampened, low-frequency acoustical feedback. You’ll find turntables in our range with complete carbon-fibre tonearms and a large range of moving magnet and moving coil cartridges. 

For music lovers who prefer to mix up their sound by adjusting the pitch or tempo of songs, we have the best turntable with a quartz-controlled pitch lock and pitch change slider. We also have dust covers that can preserve the quality of your direct-drive turntable.

Complete your turntable setup at Audio Connection

Shopping for turntable accessories? Audio Connection can help you with that. Aside from providing the best range of turntables in Australia, we also carry other accessories that will make the best out of your analog music player. 

Whether you're looking for a phonostage to amplify the signal of your turntable or a tonearm for precise cartridge and stylus alignment and support, you can browse through our shop to find what you need.

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Upgrade your home's audio entertainment systems with Audio Connection. Beyond turntables, we also offer a high-end range of speakers, subwoofers, headphones and more. Get free shipping across Australia when you complete an order today! 

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