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For The Love of Hi-Fi.

The only people that love hifi more than our customers is us. We get super excited when a new piece of equipment that comes in through our doors, and take the time to bring it back to life, so that when we find a new owner for it, we know we can do it confidently and proudly. 

Why Trade-In With Us

  • Knowledge and Expertise

    We've built up a knowledgebase over the past thirty years of hi-fi, so you know that your equipment will be in the best hands. 
  • Warranty

    We service all our trade-in items when they come in to us so we can be confident that when we offer it to the next owner, the equipment is in good working order and we can offer a warranty on it. 
  • Value

    We value existing products on the higher end of the spectrum, as we understand the true value of the products.
  • Selection of New Items

    We have one of the widest ranges of new and trade-in hi-fi in Australia, so when you trade-in your product, you'll have a great option of products to trade up into. 


Submit Your Product Now.

If you have a product you want to sell, or want to trade in against another item, please fill in this form (you will be redirected to a Microsoft Office form). We'll get in touch with you within a week. Thank you!