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Payment Plan

How It Works

Take It Home Today

If you're buying something online, choose "Monthly payments" on the checkout screen (no sign up necessary). For in-store purchases, simply complete a 5 minute process to sign up to SplitIt payments. All you need is a valid credit card. No loan applications required. You can view more details on SplitIt.

Monthly payments

Choose to split some or all of the total balance over equal monthly payments in 2, 6, 12 or 18 month instalments. You can leave an upfront payment and split the rest, or split it all - the choice is yours.

Trade In Or Keep It

After your payment plan with Splitit has finished, for a limited time (T&Cs apply) we'll give you the option to trade in your product, giving you back up to 75% of what you paid for it. This allows you to buy with confidence knowing you have the option to upgrade later.

Passive Speakers


Say you came into the store and auditioned the fabulous Wilson Sabrina X ($36,000) and decided you wanted them.

To put them on the payment plan over 18 months in equal monthly payments, this would cost you $2000 per month.

After 18 months has passed and you've paid off the total amount in full, we could give you the option to trade in the Wilson Sabrina X, giving you back up to $27,000 to go towards a new purchase, assuming it's as new with all original boxes/accessories.

This means it's only cost you $9,000 to own a $36,000 speaker! So it's a great way of making your way through the audio journey.


Here's some frequently asked questions about the payment plan.

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