Bang & Olufsen Ferrari Edition

The Ferrari Collection

Two icons, redefining the speed of sound. With a special collection of beloved B&O products in a striking new design, unmistakably Ferrari in materials, quality, and colour.

Enzo Ferrari. Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen. They struck out against the status quo to pursue perfection on their own terms. And their legacies ring down through the decades to push us to new heights today. Legacies of enduring elegance, anchored in a heritage of uncompromising craftsmanship of timeless design and unrivalled performance. And of a conviction that to be the best, the hard way is often the only way.

The Ferrari range includes:

  • Beoplay EX Wireless Earbuds
  • BeoSound 2 3rd Gen
  • Beosound Explore Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Beoplay H95 Premium Adaptive Noise Cancelling Headphones

Beoplay EX Ferrari Edition

Motors meet music. High-fidelity meets horsepower. Beoplay EX Ferrari Edition is crafted with Danish precision, and Italian fire. Ergonomic engineering gives you all-day comfort. It’s the speed of sound, in your pocket.

Beosound Explore

Beosound Explore: Immerse yourself in gutsy power and glorious sound - at home, or on the road. Rugged in design, rich in colour, this portable speaker lets you set the pace and go the distance.

Beosound 2 Ferrari Edition

Fill the room with roaring bass and sound that fires on all cylinders. Beosound 2 Ferrari Edition takes the craft of Danish audio and the flair of Italian motorsport – and drives it home.

Beoplay H95

Our finest headphones meet Ferrari’s fastest shade of red. Experience the rush of your favourite music, delivered with details you’ve never heard before. Feel the craft of engineers and artists, every time you put them on. Available from October 2023.


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