Celebrating Over 35 Years

About Us

We're Audio Connection, Sydney's flagship store for audio and visual products. We've been around for over 35 years, representing some of the world's best products and solutions.

You'll find that we're about putting the customer first. Whether you're talking to us about a $1000 system, or a $100,000 system, we care. We'll deploy our knowledge, skills and experience to deliver the best solution for your budget, and have a really fun time doing it.

Community is important to us. Family values, integrity and pride in our work are what drives us.

Meet The Team

Click the "+" signs to find out more about the great guys that make up Audio Connection.


Sam's likely going to be the guy who comes out to your place to drop off or pick up your beloved audio gear. A stalwart professional - nothing is too hard!

Arthur (Arty)

Arty may look young and barely of legal age, but we can ensure you he has been around awhile selling HiFi for the last 18 years!


Janson has been with us for 30 years specialising in the highest of the highest audio equipment in the world. He's our resident speaker of Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese and of course English (better than most of us)


Jojo's been with us the longest - coming up to 35 years! If you need some turntable advice, Jojo can help out, as there's almost nothing he doesn’t know about turntables. Plus he’s a DJ. Not relevant, just a cool fact.


Our custom integration expert. Michael has planned, installed, designed custom smart home solutions for the last 20 years. He knows about a lot of other things as well, but custom is his speciality.