Home Theater Setup

A Premium Cinema Experience That You Haven't Experienced.

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The Ultimate Dolby Atmos Theatre System is yours to experience at Audio Connection.
In collaboration with Home Theatre Engineering (HTE)

Home Theater Setup


The Cinema Room

In partnership with Home Theatre Engineering (HTE) who specialise in private theatre designs bring you Sydney's first HTE demonstration room. The collaboration sets a new benchmark of performance not previously seen in Australia before.

We’ve carefully selected a what we believe to be the perfect blend of speakers, amplifiers, processing, projectors and acoustic treatment to cobble together our vision for the perfect cinema.

It comes in at $250,000 and will challenge the very best theatres you’ll ever experience. 

Our Home Theatre Experience

Our Cinema has the very best products from around the world, and the result is...well, it's just something that you have to experience.

Click on the product names to find out more - or just book a demo to hear and see what it can do.

You'll never look at another home theatre system again.

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2.37 4K True HDR


16 Channel


Sage 2 + Insight Li

Visual Processor



Acoustically Transparent

10 Reasons to Choose Barco For Your Cinema

If you're in the market for a premium home cinema, then there is no other choice. Forget the other brands - there simply isn't anything else that competes with Barco.

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Home Theatre FAQ

There's a lot of information, and unfortunately, misinformation around the home theatre space. As it's a complicated process, we've just seen so many charlatans out there putting in products because they want to sell it, rather than it being right for you.

We've compiled an FAQ section purely for the sake of information, so you can make a better, more informed decision.


Ready To Be Blown Away?

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