Pass Labs XP 32 Preamplifier

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Pass Labs XP 32 Preamplifier

Condition: Ex Demo in Excellent Condition

Here we have a new top of the line preamp from Pass Labs. This a 3 box design that is unique to Pass Labs.

The new design uses uses double shielded low noise torroids in a true dual mono topology for the gain channels and another transformer, linear power supply dedicated to the control architecture. The use of three fully independent power- supplies in the control chassis results in dramatically lower radiated noise and far better THD+Noise figures in the gain stages. Residual circuit noise becomes paramount at low signal levels. By going to extreme lengths to lower noise we enjoy better resolution and dynamics in the music.

Technical specifications

Power consumption 70 watts

Gain 9.6 dB

Balanced Output Impedance 25 Ohms RCA, 50 Ohms XLR

Input Impedance 22K Ohms

Frequency response +/- 0.05 dB 20Hz to 20KHz -2dB @ 150KHz

Crosstalk > 110dB

THD < 0.001 @ 1V 1Khz

Max out 23V RMS 0.1%

Residual Noise 500nV RMS, SN -150dB ref max out

Dimensions 17”w x 12.5”d x 4”h times three

Weight 62.5 lbs

Shipping weight 78 lbs