Jadis PA 100 - Tube Power Amp

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Jadis PA 100 - Tube Power  Amp

The new Jadis PA100 is a stereo power amplifier that uses 12 power tubes. It produces a total power output of 150W in AB class. At the first sight one can see that this power amplifier is definitely from the Jadis' line of products. Golden front plate, high quality chassis, point-to-point wiring, massive output transformers and power transformer. As for all Jadis' units the PA100 is handcrafted in Villedubert in the Languedoc area.


Type AB CLASS POWER AMPLIFIER (Balanced or unbalanced version)
Power 150W
Bandwidth 20Hz to 50kHz @-3dB
Sensibility 700mV
Number of blocks 1
Tubes list 12 X POWER TUBES (KT88/KT90/KT120) 2 X ECC83 4 X ECC82
Dimensions 49.5x56.5x21cm
Weight 55kg
Consumption 500W