Jadis JP 30 MC MkIII

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Jadis JP 30 MC MkIII

The MkIII version is characterized by several improvements such as, Lundahl step-up transformers on MC stage, high voltage regulation by tube, new design for PC board (double side, 70µ copper) and output stage capacitor specially designed for Jadis.

A new version which will bring a beautiful transparency and musicality to your music.


Type Preamplifier MM/MC/Line with separate power supply
Gain Line input: 26dB/ MM: 59dB / MC: 80dB @ 1kHz
Input type 1x MM, 1x MC, 3x Lines
Bandwidth Ligne: 5Hz->75 KHz, Phono: RIAA
Number of blocks 2
Tubes list 6 x ECC83, 1x EF86, 1x EL84
Dimensions 26x31.8x17.1 cm Power Supply - 43 x31.8x17.1 cm M
Weight 25
Consumption 40W