Gryphon StandArt Equipment Stand

Sale price$8,000.00
Configuration: 548mm x 4 Legs + 2 Shelves in Black

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Gryphon StandArt Equipment Stand

Gryphon StandArt Equipment Stand

548mm x 4 Legs + 2 Shelves in Black

Audio Connection

Pickup available, usually ready in 5+ days

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Gryphon StandArt Equipment Stand

The Gryphon StandArt hi fi furniture is the ideal basis for your Gryphon electronics with unrestricted potential for expansion in all directions. Due to its highly flexible and modular design, both width and height can be easily varied to suit your evolving needs. Dedicated amplifier stands are available with styling and dimensions to match your Gryphon Mephisto, Antileon EVO or Essence power amps.

Each shelf is a triple, constrained layer damped sandwich consisting of a top plate of Kerrock® and a bottom layer of compressed high-density MDF, joined by a thin, non-resonant layer of sticky, black, highly viscous bitumen for optimal resonance control and mechanical damping. Kerrock® is a non-porous, homogeneous material, composed of one-third acrylic resin (also known as polymethyl methacrylate or PMMA), and two-thirds natural minerals.

The sandwich construction dissipates vibration by absorbing kinetic energy and converting it into low-grade frictional heat effectively and harmlessly. Because of its high molecular density, the Bitumen layer has energy-absorbing properties roughly equivalent to adding an MDF layer of three times its thickness. The differences in thickness and resonant characteristics of the three layers ensure audibly superior damping of vibration.

The Gryphon StandArt shelf is specifically designed as a dedicated isolation platform for the most vibration-sensitive components (turntables, tube electronics, CD players, etc.) to quash micro-vibrations from sensitive audio and video components, enhancing the performance of even the finest home entertainment systems in such crucial areas as image focus, spatial definition, bass clarity and dynamics.

The Gryphon StandArt aluminium columns, available in three different heights (548mm, 800mm and 1124mm) are filled with a custom blend of oven-dried sand-particles to improve the overall performance of the Gryphon StandArt hi fi furniture and each product placed in the Gryphon StandArt hi fi furniture.

The system is mechanically grounded through the dual-layer Gryphon Black Spike ST for optimal grounding and release of all inappropriate and harmful resonances which typically smear the sound and create distortion. The clearly audible result with the Gryphon StandArt is an extraordinary low noise floor.

The Gryphon StandArt is conscientiously designed for maximum utility with classic, handsome Gryphon aesthetics at no compromise in stability and rigidity.

The Gryphon StandArt sounds just as good as it looks.


StandArt Leg IA, Including Acrylic Blinding

  • StandArt Leg 548 mm: 2 legs incl. blinding Acrylic Parts & Spikes
  • StandArt Leg 800 mm: 2 legs incl. blinding Acrylic Parts & Spikes
  • StandArt Leg 1124 mm: 2 legs incl. blinding Acrylic Parts & Spikes

Legs (in mm, WxDxH)

  • Low 52 x 100 x 548, rack level 2
  • Medium 52 x 100 x 800, rack level 3
  • Tall 52 x 100 x 1124, rack level 4

StandArt Shelf (Shelf comes in black on black and black on brown)

  • Single Shelf for StandArt (WxD) 500 cm x 450 cm, incl. 4 pc alum brackets

Shelf (in mm, WxDxH)

  • Black on Black 500 x 450 x 44
  • Black on Brown 500 x 450 x 44