Clearaudio Performance DC Turntable - DIY Package
Clearaudio Performance DC Turntable - DIY Package
Clearaudio Performance DC Turntable - DIY Package
Clearaudio Performance DC Turntable - DIY Package
Clearaudio Performance DC Turntable - DIY Package
Clearaudio Performance DC Turntable - DIY Package
Clearaudio Performance DC Turntable - DIY Package
Satisfy Kardan Tonearm - Silver Aluminium
Clearaudio Performance DC Turntable - DIY Package
TT5 Tonearm - Silver Aluminium
Virtuoso V2 MM Cartridge
Essence MC Cartridge

Clearaudio Performance DC Turntable - DIY Package


The Performance DC is a complete package designed to open up the high-end listening experience to those ambitious music lovers who are willing to handle with the basic features of tonearm and cartridge adjustment, and who simply seek the best in music reproduction.

An enhanced version of the Performance DC with wood chassis offers even greater resonance control. A newly developed DC motor with high precision bearings and flat belt-drive, in conjunction with a platter of 40mm thick POM which rests on a Clearaudio ceramic magnetic bearing (CMB), provide optimal conditions for the correct sampling of the record groove.

The elegant and simple appearance of the Performance DC with its clear lines matches its excellent audio performance. For lovers of our moving magnet (MM) cartridges we offer both versions of the Performance DC (with/without wood chassis) as a package with the SATISFY KARDAN TONEARM and VIRTUOSO V2 cartridge or with the TT5 TONEARM and ESSENCE MC cartridge.

Excellent tracking properties and hyper-accurate speed synchronisation ensure the ultimate listening pleasure, whatever your choice Performance DC package. Combine your own Performance DC.



Construction Details  Resonance-optimised body, highly compressed wood chassis in sandwich construction embedded between two aluminium plates.
Speed Change  Comfortable speed change, 33 ⅓ rpm, 45 rpm, 78 rpm (optional)
Drive Unit  Decoupled and resonance damped DC motor, flat belt-drive and plug-in power supply unit designed for worldwide use with all networks and power frequencies.
Bearing  Cut and polished ceramic shaft in a sintered bronze bushing, Clearaudio ceramic magnetic bearing (CMB)
Platter  Synthetic material, surface CNC-precision milled, Surface CNC-precision milled, 1.1 inches / 40mm thickness
Speed Accuracy (Measured)  0.05 %
Power Consumption  Max. consumption: 3.3 Watt, Consumption in operation: 1.6 Watt, Standby mode: < 0.5 Watt, Off mode: 0.0 Watt
Total Weight  Approx. 11.0 kg
Dimensions (W/D/H in inches) Approx. 16.54 x 12.99 x 4.92 (without tonearm)
Dimensions (W/D/H in mm) Approx. 420 x 330 x 125 (without tonearm)


Construction Details Unique dual point design, magnetic antiskating control
Cartridge Balance Range 2.5 gram – 17 gram
Zero Points Inner: 66.0 mm
Outer: 120.9 mm
Audio Lead Clearaudio Direct Wire Plus (1.1 m) terminated with MPC Cinch
Overhang17.31 mm
Overall Length 302 mm
Effective Length 239.31 mm
Distance from Pivot 222 mm
Tilt Angle 25.54 °
Maximum tilt angle according to the radius  0.123 °/cm
Anti-Skating factor at a radius of 62.9 mm and 126.9 mm  0.43
Total Weight 350g, 350g, 345g


Construction Details  Tangential tracking, resonance optimized chassis
Drive  Purely mechanical, high-precision, extremely smooth-running and dry-running ball bearing, polished glass tube
Total Weight  Approx. 560 gram (without aluminium arm base), Aluminium arm base: 60 gram
Audio Lead  Clearaudio Sixtream Super Wire (1.1 m) terminated with MPC Cinch
Dimensions (W/D/H in mm)  Approx. 200 x 140 x 150


Total mass  8.4g (± 0.4g)
Frequency response  20Hz - 20kHz
Output voltage (1khz, 5cm/s)  ~ 3.6mV
Channel separation (1khz)  26dB
Channel balance (1khz)  0.4dB
Tracking ability 90μm
Recommended tracking force  2.2g ± 0.3g
Coil impedance (1khz)  0.66kΩ
Coil inductance  400mH
Load resistance  47kΩ
Load capacitance  100pF
Cantilever / stylus shape  Aluminium / elliptical
Compliance  15μ/mN
Cartridge body  Ebony wood


Total mass  8.0g
Frequency response  20Hz - 40kHz
Output voltage (at 5cm/sec)  0.4mV
Channel separation  > 32dB
Channel balance  < 0.3dB
Tracking ability  80μm
Recommended tracking force  2.2g (± 0.2g)
Cartridge impedance  11Ω
Cantilever / stylus shape  Boron / Micro Line
Compliance  9μ/mN
Coil assembly 
Coil material  ofc – copper
Cartridge body  Aluminium-Magnesium alloy with ceramic surface layer