Dali Fazon Mikro Vokal Centre Speaker

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Dali Fazon Mikro Vokal Centre Speaker

Dali Fazon Mikro Vokal Centre Speaker

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Dali Fazon Mikro Vokal - Black - Ex Demo

Condition Ex demo  

THE FAZON MIKRO is based on the renowned DALI trademark wood fibre cone and soft dome tweeter module. The ultra-compact high-gloss lacquered aluminium cabinet fits perfectly in any living room. The FAZON MIKRO is true Hi-Fi in a very small package.


Every speaker in the FAZON series has an intelligent terminal solution that is perfectly aligned with the user scenarios of the speaker.


All products of the FAZON series come with exclusive magnetic grilles enabling an easy click-on function.


The FAZON series is based on a curved design that Illiminates reflections and standing waves.


The fluid, organic lines of the die-cast aluminium enclosures combined with enhanced structural integrity, reduced vibration and no parallel surfaces, all key elements in the pure, musical tone of these masterful loudspeakers.




True Hi-Fi sound really can come in a small and elegant design.ξWith its curved high-gloss lacquered aluminium cabinet, coatedξcomposite front baffle and snug fitting grille the ultra-compact FAZONξMIKRO fits perfectly in any living room.ξ

Included with theξFAZON MIKROξis a multi function bracketξwhich works as a slim wall bracket or a kick stand for theξFAZON MIKRO VOKAL.

This compactŒæloudspeakerŒæis built around the renowned DALIŒætrademark wood fibre cone driver and soft dome tweeter module.ŒæThe 4äó? woofer delivers an accurate, detailed and dynamic sonicŒæreproduction of music or movie sound, and the extremely strongŒæcabinet design ensures that acoustic and mechanical resonancesŒæare almost non-existent. The 20 mm ultra-light soft dome tweeterŒæenables the FAZON MICRO to deliver a richly detailed mid-range, andŒæto extend the high frequency well beyond the audible range.Œæ

Featuring as the centrepiece in a 5.1 surround system, working in aξstereo setup or acting as rear speakers with any of the otherξFAZONξmodelsξthe FAZON MIKRO will always surprise and delight whetherξyou are listening to music or watching a movie. The FAZON MIKRO isξtrue Hi-Fi in a very small package.

Wall bracket
The ingenious multi-function bracket enables simple wall mountingξof both the FAZON MIKRO and FAZON VOKAL. The close placement to the wall not only looks good but also increases the lower bass performance.

Push Button Terminals
Easy to use push button terminals make connecting ξthe speaker cables simple and ensure a tight and optimum connection that willξnot loosen over time.

Positioning a complete surround system in a discreet and elegant way can be a daunting task.ξFAZON MIKRO offers a stylish andξunobtrusive solution to this problem andξallows you to have a full 5.1 surround system inξyour living room that delivers a true hi-fi audioξperformance. Paired with the FAZON SUB 1 youξhave the perfect solution for a small living room


The FAZON MIKRO features a wide dispersion pattern, a property shared with all DALI speakers, a technique that has been refined by the acoustic engineers at DALI over the years. DALI speakers in general should not be toed in, allowing a higher degree of freedom in placement, and a much larger äóÖsweet spotäó» in the listening position.Œæ

Flexibility is the key with VOKAL, and it can be used mounted on the wall, on a bookshelf or cabinet or on the optional floor stands. The supplied bracket has multiple functions and can be used both as a wall mount for the FAZON MIKRO or MIKRO VOKAL speaker.ξ

The FAZON MIKRO VOKAL is designed to be positioned close to the wall, even when used with the optional floor stands. This not only minimizes the visual impact of the speaker on the room, but also helps the VOKAL extend the low bass performance.


The FAZON MIKRO VOKAL will work perfectly when used in a surround sound setup. It also perfectly compliments the other products from the FAZON series, and can therefore easily be introduced to a system already featuring DALI FAZON SAT and LCR speakers as centre channel.ξ

The FAZON MIKRO VOKAL is a full range speaker that will supply a complete audio picture on its own, but adding a subwoofer will expand the sound to an even fuller and more dynamic experience - even in stereo. The FAZON SUB 1 is the perfect companion for a 3.1 FAZON MIKRO setup, but will work just as well in a surround setup. If even more bass is required or the system is being used in a larger room the soon to be released DALI SUB E-9 F would be the perfect choice in a FAZON MIKRO surround system.


True to the other FAZON series loudspeakers, DALI decided to use a lightweight soft-dome tweeter to supply all the high frequencies for the FAZON MIKRO VOKAL. The 20mm tweeter is a brand new design and has been especially developed for use with the MIKRO speakers utilising expertise gained over 30 years of loudspeaker design and manufacture.ξ

Based on a 55mm ferrite magnet, the VOKAL tweeter is able to handle more power and convert it into movement and not heat, thereby reducing power compression

Soft felt damping is used on top of the pole piece to eliminate unwanted reflections in the area right under the dome. This allows the tweeter to generate high sound pressure levels and extreme excursions to render high frequencies with very high accuracy and speed. Thus enabling the FAZON MIKRO VOKAL to deliver stunning detail in the high frequencies and extend the sound image way above the audible limit of the ear for a more complete sound experience.


Designing a woofer for the FAZON MIKRO VOKAL requires a lot of focus on sensitivity as there is only a relatively small cone area to move the air. This, therefore, requires as much of the energy from the ampli er to be turned into movement as possible. Through the use of DALI  low-loss technologies, DALI acoustic engineers have put together a woofer that not only delivers on high sensitivity, but also has a very linear magnet motor system with an easy on the amplifier impedance curve.

The basket is constructed from a glass reinforced polymer that helps make it light, very strong and keeps it from interfering with the magnetic field surrounding the voice coil. The visual part of the woofer, the cone, is made from DALI trademarked wood fibre mixed with a fine grain paper pulp, and is secured to the basket with a low-loss rubber surround. The voice coil is surrounded by four layers of copper plated aluminium wire to build a very strong but light magnet motor system that delivers highly controlled motion of the voice coil, but also keeps it easy to drive.ξ

All this translates into a woofer that is easy to drive, even when used with smaller stereo systems, reproduces even the smallest micro details in the audio picture, and has the ability to generate low bass at a surprising high level for a woofer of this size.


When designing the cabinet for the FAZON MIKRO VOKAL, one of the toughest challenges is providing the amount of necessary internal volume. Volume is a key part in making a small speaker sound big, and maximising the internal volume is at the heart of any loudspeaker design project. One of the objectives when designing the FAZON MIKRO VOKAL was therefore to find a material that met all of the above criteria but, at the same time, offer the ability to shape the cabinet in a way that would offer both optimum sound and visual qualities.

Drawing on the experience gained from designing the multi award-winning FAZON series, die-cast aluminium was quickly the front-runner for the cabinet construction. Being up to ten times stronger than wood, and twenty times stronger than plastic, aluminium has many advantages. It also offers the possibility to be shaped into a non square shape thus avoiding standing wave modes to ensure the perfect acoustic environment for the drivers. It also creates a stunning exterior which matches the lifestyle segments where the FAZON series is targeted.

Utilising the great strength of aluminium allowed our design team to design a cabinet with a much thinner structure which maximises the precious internal volume without the loss of the required rigidity. The perfect mix of materials remove any potential internal resonance and ensures that the cabinet does not add any unwanted acoustic energy to the sound generated by the drivers.


Product series FAZON
Frequency Range (+/-3 dB) [Hz] 95 - 25,000
Sensitivity (2,83 V/1 m) [dB] 84.0
Nominal Impedance [ohms] 6
Maximum SPL [dB] 101
Recommended Amplifier Power [W] 30 - 120
Crossover Frequency [Hz] 2,560 Hz
High frequency driver, Quantity 1 x 20 mm
High frequency driver, Diaphragm type Soft Textile Dome
Low frequency driver, Quantity 1 x 4"
Low frequency driver, Diaphragm type Wood Fibre Cone
Enclosure type Closed Box
Connection Input Single Wire
Magnetic Shielding No
Recommended Placement On-Wall
Shelf or stand
Recommended Distance From Wall [cm] 0 - 50
Dimensions With Base (HxWxD) [mm] 113 x 196 x 96
Weight [kg] 1.5
Accessories Included Manual
Rubber Pads
Wall Bracket