Pass Labs XS150
Pass Labs XS150
Pass Labs XS150
Pass Labs XS150

Pass Labs XS150


Like the XS300, this amplifier was developed through constant and thorough innovation. After years of SIT device experimentation, followed by deployment in Nelson's First Watt designs, circuit modification captured the unique tube-like sonic footprint of SITs from much higher-output MOSFET devices used in the XS series. The result is unparalleled, fatigue-free listening enjoyment.


Class  A
Type  Mono
Gain (dB)  26
Low Frequency Response  1.5 Hz
High Frequency Response  100 KHz
Power Output/ch (8 ohm)  150
Distortion, (1 KHz, full power)  1%
Input Impedance (SE & BAL Kohms)  50/100
Damping Factor  200
Output Noise (uV)  100
Power Consumption (Watts)  700
Temperature (deg C.)  53
Number of Chassis  2
Unit Dimension (W x D x H) (In.)  19 x 21.5 x 11 x 2
Unit Weight (LBS)  102 / 132