Waversa WSlim DS - Docking Station
Waversa WSlim DS - Docking Station
Waversa WSlim DS - Docking Station

Waversa WSlim DS - Docking Station


The Waversa Slim DS literally means Docking System and is an auxiliary device created on the premise of connecting with the Waversa Slim Lite. The two are the same size, so stacking the two makes a perfect fit. Like this, there are round grooves in the four corners of the top of the Waversa Slim DS to place the Waversa Slim Lite rubber feet. 

Then why did the Slim light need a DS? The biggest reason was the need to connect analog sources. Since Slim Light is a streaming integrated amplifier with only a digital input stage, The addition of the Slim DS allows a wide range of analogue sources to operate with the Slim.

Features of W Slim DS

Dedicated phono stage

Built-in MM, MC

Analog input

XLR, RCA input available

DAC function

Can be used as a
DAC by using the RCA output

Headphone amplifier

High-quality headphone amplifier with headphone output terminal

Music Server (NAS)

Internal HDD (SSD) available


Dramatically improved video sound quality compared to existing optical

Recommended for:

Those who want to enjoy analog by connecting analog output devices such as turntables with Slim Lite.

Those who want to enjoy excellent sound quality with video through Slim Lite by connecting to video equipment

Those who want a system that can capture both convenience and sound quality with a 5 million won under budget

Those who want audio for the whole family to enjoy music comfortably