Velodyne FSR-18 Subwoofer - Consignment

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Velodyne FSR-18 Subwoofer - Consignment

Velodyne FSR-18 Subwoofer - Consignment

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Velodyne FSR-18 Subwoofer - Consignment

Condition: Good, dent in cabinet corner (see photos)

Includes: Remote, Grill and Power Cable (No Packaging)

SN: 58127019


The Velodyne FSR-18 operates similarly to traditional loudspeakers, utilizing a cone-shaped piston driven by a linear motor. However, this subwoofer diverges from convention in numerous ways.

Recognizing the limitations of conventional motors for achieving the desired linear motion, we developed an innovative motor structure. This design features two coils operating out of phase in a push-pull configuration within two magnetic gaps, suspended by dual spiders for enhanced linearity. Capable of producing over one inch (1-1/8" specifically) of linear motion, with a maximum mechanical limit of 2" peak to peak, this motor configuration significantly reduces distortion products and improves cone control compared to single-coil structures.

Additionally, Velodyne magnetically shielded the motor from the outset for convenient placement near television monitors in home theater setups.

Employing closed-loop accelerometer-based servo-control, a low mass accelerometer is rigidly attached to the voice coil, continuously monitoring cone motions to provide feedback for the servo control circuitry. This high-gain system improves linearity and reduces distortion approximately 30 times compared to conventional non-servo systems.

While the input signal powers the driver amplifier, a continuous signal representing cone motion is sent to a comparator circuit, continuously adjusting for any deviation between the input signal and the subwoofer's output. This self-regulation ensures precise control over cone movement and exceptionally low distortion sound reproduction.

To provide ample power for driving this robust loudspeaker, Velodyne integrated an extremely efficient Class D switching amplifier capable of delivering 1250 watts (RMS) of power. Even at typical listening levels, the FSR-18 maintains less than 0.3% harmonic distortion with input signals extending to 20Hz and below. At higher levels, distortion barely exceeds 1%, surpassing conventional designs on the market.

This combination results in clean, deep, and accurate bass reproduction without compromising on distortion, offering an unparalleled audio experience.


Frequency Response 16Hz - 120Hz +/- 3 dB
Harmonic Distortion < 1 "10 (typical)
Subsonic Filter 15Hz or 35Hz
High Pass Crossover 80Hz or 100Hz (6 dB/octave)
Low Pass Crossover 40Hz - 120Hz (12 dB/octave initial.  48 dB/octave ultimate)
Phase 0* / 180*
Amplifier Class D, 1250 watts RMS, 3000 watts peak
Woofer 18" forward firing, high-excursion 2" max
Magnet 220 oz. (13.7Ibs.)
Magnet Structure 380 oz. (24Ibs.)
Voice Coil Tandem 3" push-pull
Inputs Line-level. Balanced & speaker-level
Outputs Line-level & speaker-level
Weight 48kg