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Linn LP12 Tune Up with Optional Karousel
Linn LP12 Tune Up with Optional Karousel

Linn LP12 Tune Up with Optional Karousel


The most famous of all turntables - the Linn LP12. It's a fan favourite and one that we revere and adore, not just from a performance perspective, but also from their engineering marvel. We have clients that hang onto their LP12s and have passed them on from generation to generation, and the brilliant thing is that even the oldest of LP12s can be upgraded to meet current performance standards - few products can boast that.

We recommend your LP12 comes in for a minor service once every three years. There are a number of perishables on board, and just like a car, they need a tune up to keep running at their best. 

We offer three options:

  • Standard Tune-up - we look at your belt, your oil levels and your suspension mechanisms and replace everything that is worn out. 
  • Premium Tune-up - as per Standard tune-up, and we also replace your Cirkus bearing with a new one. 
  • Karousel Tune-up - for all pre-2020 turntables, we'll also swap out the old Cirkus bearing and replace it with the all-new Karousel bearing. This bearing is a massive leap forward compared to the old one - smoother, less friction, better mounting to the LP12 chassis, which results in a much greater performance. You'll also get a replacement inner platter. 

You can call, email or message us to find out more. If you decide you want to add it straight to cart, you'll be contacted to make a booking.