Gryphon Ethos

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Gryphon Ethos - CD Player

Gryphon Ethos plays compact disc. Period. Full stop. It does not play video discs of any kind whatsoever, nor does it play any of the so-called “high resolution” audio formats.

Gryphon Ethos will quite simply reveal more of the hidden treasures in your CD collection than any other player, “universal” or otherwise, up to and well beyond its price point. That is its sole mission.

Gryphon Ethos is designed unapologetically with single-minded dedication to the compact disc, because this focused approach enables Gryphon Audio Designs to devote all our resources and expertise to releasing the full, unfettered musical potential of CD playback.

We designed the Ethos integrated CD player to be a moving target in the rapid evolution of digital audio. In addition to handling standard 16-bit/44.1 kHz “Redbook” CD, the Ethos offers convenient playback and can be connected to external sources up to 32-bit/384 kHz PCM and up to DSD512. For once, hardware is keeping pace with software, making this a truly exciting time to cultivate digital audio, as a growing number of titles become available in these ultra hi-rez formats. Music lovers will be startled when they finally experience the untapped potential of Gryphon amplifiers and loudspeakers with these formats.