DVC Collection - KEF Cantata - Restored by David E. Cox

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DVC Collection - KEF Cantata - Restored by David E. Cox

DVC Collection - KEF Cantata - Restored by David E. Cox

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DVC KEF Cantata 1974 Loudspeaker - Restored by David Cox


The KEF Cantata is a pair of 3 way loudspeakers from 1974, and one of the first KEF models to be aided in design with computers. KEF used similar testing methodologies to precisely measure frequency response and directivity as seen in the modern day, enabling it to boast large, studio-reference sound from a smaller, more affordable package, and it's one of the only speakers which made the oval ‘racetrack’ woofer sound good. Now restored by David Cox, these speakers have never been in a better condition.

David has restored these speakers by removing the original black paint, filling and finishing the grain with Polyx oil, which provides a satin sheen but also a degree of durability and water resistance. The front and rear panel was sanded back, and two-pack epoxy filler was used to flatten and smooth the surfaces. They were then finished with a ‘rubbed brass’ metallic finish. Bass drivers have been taped up and finished with the same paint, and new grills made from premium SoundLabs burgundy cloth covering were fabricated and installed with magnets to snap onto the baffles. All capacitors have been upgraded from electrolytic to Dayton polypropylene, including the hard-to-reach bass circuit.

The Cantata is built and measured to produce a frequency response which rivals the balanced and natural tonality of professional studio speakers, even off axis. It’s flat between 50 and 20,000hz, allowing the listener to hear what was meant to be heard from every groove of your analog audio, or every bit decoded from your digital tracks. Removing the grille reveals the acoustic balance controls which enable the listener to easily adjust the amplitude of the mids and treble to their liking. This gives the Cantata the ability to disappear into the room by using the acoustic balance controls as room or placement correction, or to be fine tuned to the listener’s preference.

With most speakers, the tweeter acts as the main source point of a sound, and in a two or three way design, is placed at the top of the face of the speaker. However, this usually results in there being a time delay from the tweeter if not properly paired with its crossovers, causing the sound to be directed to the floor rather than the listening area and thus creating unwanted reflections. To counteract this, KEF placed the tweeter in the centre of the face, sandwiched between the mid and the low range woofer, and altered the crossovers to make the drive units of the tweeter as in-phase as possible, greatly improving directivity.

To maximise the amount and the efficiency of bass in the Cantata’s speaker enclosure, KEF used an unconventional oval-shaped bass woofer 30 * 21 cm in size made from aluminium-reinforced polystyrene. This allows the Cantatas to play flat and with dynamics all the way down to 50hz, with further extension to 28hz at -10dB; an amazing feat for a speaker of that size.

Combining all these features allow KEF Cantata to remain a professional sounding powerhouse without a compromising size, and with an impedance of 8 ohms, sensitivity of 84dB/W and maximum power handling of 150 watts, don’t make it too hard to drive. Furthermore, the construction of the unit is extremely solid, with thick panels, bituminous lining and internal bracing.

Manufacturer’s Specifications
815 x 340 x 392 mm
31.7 kg
Drive Units
 300 mm x 210 mm low·frequency unit with 50 mm high temperature voice coil.
Aluminium·reinforced polystyrene diaphragm with synthetic rubber surround
 110 mm mid·frequency unit with 25 mm high temperature voice coil. Visco-elastic
damped Bextrene diaphragm with PVC roll surround
 52 mm high-frequency unit with 39 mm voice coil. Mylar domed diaphragm with
integral damped roll surround

Low-frequency enclosure, 60 litres. System resonance 36 Hz. Q = 0.7
Dividing Frequencies
250 Hz and 3 000 Hz
Nominal Impedance
Programme Rating
150 watts
Frequency Response
35 Hz to 20 000 Hz.±.3 dB at 2 metres