dCS LINA Network Streaming DAC

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Colour: Silver


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dCS LINA Network Streaming DAC


Experience extraordinary sound from any digital source with our Lina Network Streaming DAC, the heart of your audio system. With compatibility for all digital audio formats and support for hi-res streaming from Roon, TIDAL, Qobuz, Spotify, Deezer, AirPlay, and more, you can enjoy your favorite music with ease. Our renowned dCS Ring DAC TM and Digital Processing Platform are integrated into the Lina Network DAC, along with new innovations developed for headphone listeners, resulting in a bold and unique interpretation of the dCS experience.

With a powerful flex-rigid circuit board and a streamlined user interface that includes our first ever touch-screen display, the Lina Network DAC is designed for simplicity, convenience, and ease of use. Its wide dynamic range, crisp and clear playback, expansive soundstage, and tonal neutrality provide a natural, detailed, and musical sound that encapsulates our singular approach to audio.

Crafted from billet Aluminium with meticulous attention to detail, the Lina Network DAC delivers the finest possible sound with the lowest possible levels of distortion and noise. It features the Ring DAC™ at its core, renowned for its ultra-wide bandwidth, technical accuracy, and ability to reveal astonishing levels of detail in digital recordings.

The dCS Digital Processing Platform drives the Lina Network DAC's performance, delivering a completely flexible control board that can be endlessly updated with new features and enhancements. Available to all Lina Network DAC owners, dCS Expanse is a unique headphone processing platform that offers an enhanced version of crossfeed optimization, providing a heightened sense of realism when listening to a wide range of stereo recordings.

Overall, the Lina Network Streaming DAC is a powerful, supremely capable product designed for use in a wide range of environments, providing spectacular sound no matter how you choose 


Product Dimensions / Weight
121.5mm (H) x 220mm (W) x 339mm (D) 7.4kg

Analogue Outputs
1 x stereo pair 3 pin balanced XLR
1 x stereo pair unbalanced RCAL-R Crosstalk
Better than –115dB0, 20Hz-20kHz

Streaming Compatibility
Supports the following platforms and services:
UPnP Qobuz
Internet Radio
Apple AirPlay 2 (support at 44.1 or 48kS/s)

RoonReadyDigital Inputs
2 x AES/EBU on 3 pin XLR 44.1-384kS/s
1 x S/PDIF BNC Coax 44.1-192kS/s
1 x S/PDIF on RCA 44.1-192kS/s
1 x Toslink 44.1-96kS/s
1 x USB Type B 44.1-384kS/s, PCM and DSD, DSDx2 in Async Mode
1 x USB Type A connector for mass storage devices (navigated using Mosaic)

Frequency Response (set to filter 1)
Fs = 44.1 or 48kS/s +/-0.1dB, 10Hz-20kHz
Fs = 88.2 or 96kS/s +/-0.1dB, 10Hz-20kHz -3dB @ >38kHz
Fs = 176.4 or 192kS/s +/-0.1dB, 10Hz-20kHz -3dB @ >67kHz
Fs = 352.8 or 384kS/s +/-0.1dB, 10Hz-20kHz -3dB @ >100kHz
DSD64 +/-0.1dB, 10Hz-20kHz -3dB @ >90kHz
DSD128 +/-0.1dB, 10Hz-20kHz -3dB @ >100kHz

Residual Noise (6v output setting)
16-bit data: Better than –96dB0, 20Hz-20kHz unweighted
24-bit data: Better than –113dB0, 20Hz-20kHz unweighted

Sample frequencies and formats
Supports the following audio formats
and sample rates:
DSD 64, 128
Native DSD + DoP (input dependent)