BeoLab 28 Wireless Stereo Speakers

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BeoLab 28 Wireless Stereo Speakers

Design your own

Available in a range of colours, materials and mounting options. Please click here to configure your own design

Pricing will vary by design selection

Studio-grade Listening

Prepare for an auditory experience that defies expectations. Beolab 28 is not just about aesthetics—it's about immersing yourself in vast stereo panoramas that redefine your perception of sound. Years of refining acoustic engineering have culminated in this pinnacle: where every thud, whisper, and rhythm resonates with unparalleled clarity and depth. And when it comes to bass, brace yourself for an impact that reverberates through your soul. This is sound quality that rivals professional studios, delivering chills reminiscent of the cinema.

Cinematic Sound

Embark on a journey into cinematic bliss. Whether it's movie night or a private concert, Beolab 28 transforms your space into an auditory sanctuary. Strategically position them for stereo brilliance or envelop yourself in spine-tingling audio by placing them discreetly behind your seating. Seamlessly integrate them with other Bang & Olufsen devices for a truly enchanting auditory experience.

Adaptive Sound

Craft your audio experience with precision. Beolab 28's directional sound adapts effortlessly to your preferences. Focus the audio for intimate solo sessions with your favorite tunes, or expand it to fill your space with captivating sound for lively gatherings. This is your moment—shape it with the sound that suits every occasion.

Active Room Compensation

With Beolab 28, your listening experience is optimized to perfection. Its active room compensation ensures that the bass is always precisely tuned, regardless of the room's acoustics. These speakers effortlessly adapt to any placement, transforming any space into a professional sound studio or a captivating movie theater. No corner is too snug, guaranteeing flawless playback every time.

A Legacy of Design

Crafted within Denmark's renowned Factory 5, Beolab 28 is born from a legacy of excellence. Each aluminum component is meticulously crafted by master metalworkers, while every speaker is ensconced in tactile fabric tailored for optimal acoustics. The final flourish? Oak sourced from trusted suppliers with decades of collaboration. Nearly a century of expertise is poured into its creation, ensuring it stands tall for years to come.

At Home Anywhere

Beolab 28 epitomizes versatile elegance. Whether adorning your wall or gracing the floor, its sleek silhouette exudes sculptural beauty while delivering sweeping cinematic sound from any vantage point in the room.


Recommended Room Size: 15-50 m² 150-500 ft²

Speaker Configuration: Per Speaker: 1 x 1" tweeter 3 x 3" full range 1 x 6.½" woofer

Amplifier: Per Speaker: 1 x 100 watt, Class D, tweeter 3 x 100 watt, Class D, full range 1 x 225 watt, Class D, woofer

Frequency Range: 27 - 23.000 Hz

Maximum Sound Pressure Level @1m: Per Pair: 110 dB (SPL)

Bass Capability: Per Pair: 95 dB (SPL)