Waversa WSlim-LITE
Waversa WSlim-LITE
Waversa WSlim-LITE

Waversa WSlim-LITE


Waversa Slim-LITE - Streaming Amplifier

The "Slim-LITE" is a device that is about the size of a small laptop and covers all aspects of functionality and sound quality.

Equipped with 8 PPBTL type power amplifiers for each of the left and right channels, it has the power to drive even low-impedance speakers, and the harmonic information of the vacuum tube amplifier is reproduced in ultra-high definition with the latest digital technology "WAP/X", and it is warm You can enjoy the sound of the vacuum tube clearly.

In terms of functionality, it is equipped with optical digital, coaxial digital, USB, Ethernet, and FM tuner, and can play back high-quality sound from a wide variety of devices.
By connecting to a LAN cable, DLNA as well as the latest network solution ROON are supported, and anyone can easily enjoy network playback.


  1. Output
    speaker output (banana plug compatible)
  2. input
    1. Ethernet: DLNA, Roon Ready, WNDR
    2. USB-B: PCM 24Bit/384kHz
    3. USB-A: Extended function
    4. Coaxial: 192kHz
    5. Optical: 96kHz
    6. FM Tuner: 88~108MHz
  3. Amplifier rated
    80W/ch, (8 PPBTLs per channel (16 total))
  4. Display
    IPS display, Waversa Systems new UI
  5. Power supply
  6. Size
    W300 x D190 x H20 mm