Everything You Need To Know About Projectors and Screens - Home Theatre 101

Everything You Need To Know About Projectors and Screens - Home Theatre 101

In this chapter of our Home Theatre 101 series, we invited Claver Harper, the Australia representative for many flagship cinema manufacturers including Barco projectors, Wisdom Audio cinema speakers and Screen Innovations screens, to talk to us in depth about what you need to know about projectors and screens for your next cinema project. 

We've summarised a few of the points in the video and make sure you watch the video below to find out more detail. We've broken down the video into chapters on YouTube so you can just jump to an area you want to find out more about. 

Differences between Cinema and Commercial Projectorscommercial projectors are designed for applications where brightness, flexibility of connections and basic sources like laptops are the emphasis, and don't focus on picture quality. Cinema projectors are designed for... well... cinema, where we care about picture quality, colour fidelity and a strong engaging visual experience. 

Higher End Projectors - as you go up the ladder of projector technology, you can expect better build quality, better image quality, more longevity and larger screen image sizes while preserving quality. 

Projectors as an everyday solution - back in the day, projectors were really only designed for dedicated cinema experiences. These days, with current technology, it is a very viable to use projectors as a TV replacement, even in bright rooms. 

Video Vs Audio - George Lucas said it - 50% of the cinema experience is video, and 50% on audio. 

Claver continues to discuss latest projector and screen technologies, the importance of a projector vs a screen, and some of the faults he's seen in cinema installations, i.e. what not to do in your next project. 

Watch the video below for more information!

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