Add Music and Lighting in an Innovative Way | Gallo Acoustics Review

Add Music and Lighting in an Innovative Way | Gallo Acoustics Review

Gallo Acoustics have been producing speakers for decades. Building upon the core foundation that Anthony Gallo started with his  spherical cabinet design, the modern take on Gallo Acoustics incorporates his design with modern design touches. 

Gallo Acoustics modern line-up consists of speakers and lights, all incorporating the same style. They have a very wide range of colour options, mounting methods (pendant option featured below), making them extremely stylish and versatile. The lights and speakers can be mixed into the one solution - in the picture below, we have 2 lights, 1 speaker, then 2 lights. 

The speaker range is simple. They are available in iterations of:

  • Size: A'Diva (5") and Micro (4")
  • Performance: Standard and SE
  • Mounting: Tabletop, On-Wall or Pendant

Acoustically, the Gallo Acoustics range is excellent. Extremely good clarity and room coverage. Power them with a decent amplifier and they make for a very good music system. For larger rooms or for applications where more bass is desired, Gallo Acoustics have a range of subwoofers available to choose from, such as the flexible ProfileSub or the RoomSub.

Our favourite thing about the Gallo product is how versatile it is. It's amazing for multi-room solutions where traditional in-ceiling speakers can't be placed, e.g. concrete ceilings, exposed beams and so forth. We've done a few jobs with fitness studios and restaurants where we took full advantage of this fact. 

Let us know if you have any projects you'd like to look at Gallo for, and we can help you design something. 

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