dCS Apex Upgrade Program

for Bartok, Rossini DAC and Vivaldi DAC

Take your beloved dCS unit to new heights of performance with the new Apex upgrade, delivering a range of sonic and measured improvements and enhancing the musical performance of your system.

dCS Upgrade Program Process

APEX: Your Questions Answered

dCS have answered all your questions with the Apex DAC, what it does and how the process works here.

Step 1. Fill in the Form

Fill in the form below to give us the basic information we need to be able to give you lead times and installation dates.

Step 2. Deposit

Should you want to proceed, we’ll ask for a 50% deposit to get your Apex upgrade kit manufactured bespoke for your unit.

Step 3. Installation

When the unit arrives, we’ll contact you to get your dCS unit into our workshop for the upgrade. It’s as easy as that!