Jadis JP500 II
Jadis JP500 II

Jadis JP500 II


Jadis JP500 II


Type Dual mono line preamplifier with separate power supply
Gain 20dB
Input type 5 line balanced or unbalanced
Bandwidth 15Hz to 27 KHz @-3dB
Sensibility 120 mV
Number of blocks 4
Tubes list 6 x ecc82 / 2 x ecc83 / 6 x EL 84 / 2 x EF 86
Dimensions 440x 330x 210mm each
Weight 60Kg
Consumption 250W


The ultimate expression of the art. Line pre-amplifier with output transformer.The JP500 is an absolitly no compromise unit at the service of music reproduction. Built-in balanced and unbalanced capability. 14dB of gain, 6 line inputs, 2 outputs. Bandwidth 20 Hz - 50kHz. Tube complement: 6 ECC82, 2 ECC83, 2 EF86, 6 EL84. A switch allows the user to change the abolute phase to his convenience.