"The Rabbit" by Vicki Grozdanovski

"The Rabbit" by Vicki Grozdanovski

To celebrate Chinese New Year, Audio Connection commissioned Vicki Grozdanovski, a Sydney-based Resin artist to create a unique piece of artwork. Audio Connection is proud to have strong roots in the Chinese community. 

The Artwork is currently on display at the Institute for Australian and Chinese Arts and Culture at Western Sydney University.

The art is available for sale, with 100% of the profits going towards Auxilius Foundation (http://auxiliusfoundation.org) , a charity who is involved with animal welfare research.

About the Artwork

"The Rabbit", or "兔" (tu2) is a resin artwork interpretation of the Year of the Rabbit, celebrated this 2023.

The Year of the Rabbit is a year of peace, prosperity and longevity, featured on the top right of the artwork.

Peace is represented by the strong wave patterns that are present throughout the art, but most prominent at the base of the painting - a statement that the world should have peace at its foundation.

Prosperity is embodied in the gold palette - a depiction of the gold ingot, commonly associated in Chinese culture as a sign of wealth.

The fluid nature of the waves falling off the painting, where the end is not visible is a symbol of longevity and ever-lasting life.

The strong tones of bright red with dark, almost black undertones is a symbol of the vigilance and strength of people born in the Year of the Rabbit.

About Vicki

Vicki Grozdanovski was born to Yugoslavian immigrant parents who had fled the former eastern bloc country for a better life. She grew up in Western Sydney attending Westfield Sports High, where she regularly engaged in dance and softball as her passions. Showing a keen interest in the arts, Vicki had a keen interest in music from primary school, growing up in a musical family where the house was constantly filled with the sound of music, with her brother being a bass player in a traditional Macedonian band and her mother working at EMI records.

Vicki also wrote for an Australian music magazine, interviewing pop and rock stars and reviewing Australian concerts and photographing the events, meeting many of the world’s performing stars including Bon Jovi. Her interest in art, especially resin art began a few years ago after receiving a gift of an arts experience and her work quickly became popular in local circles as she experimented with the unpredictability of the medium, creating many abstract scenes, some of her most popular depicting beach and ocean scenes.

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