KEF LSX 2 | Simplicity, Performance, Beauty

KEF LSX 2 | Simplicity, Performance, Beauty

We've been around for a long time. 36 years this year! And being in the business of hifi for that long, we've seen first-hand how hifi has evolved. What was once a hyper-niche, enthusiasts-only market has blossomed into something that can be appreciated by such a wide audience. 

This changed has largely been spurred by accessibility and convenience. Gone are the days where for one to experience high quality music, they needed a diploma in technology, a very forgiving attitude on aesthetics and the patience of a Siamese Monk, waiting for the valves to warm up before the system would even make noise. 

Then there was the arduous task of curating a music selection. Purchasing physical mediums meant a drive to local shop, battling traffic, parking and the elements, finally arriving only to find that the CD you so desperately wanted just sold out that morning.

A system that has solved all those issues is the KEF LSX 2. A perfect, plug-and-play blend of simplicity, performance and something that is so visually pleasing to behold. Just get them out of the box, plug them into power, download the fantastic KEF Connect app and away you go. 

For the proper enthusiasts out there, they can take solace in the configurability of the KEF LSX 2. With basic and expert configuration options to tailor the performance of the LSX 2 for your room, you can make the experience of owning a set of LSX 2s as easy, or as detailed, as you like. 

As for music support, the KEF LSX 2 will natively support Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, Deezer, Qobuz , Radio, Podcasts and any music you have stored on your network. In addition, Apple Airplay 2 users can access their Apple Music subscriptions, and group them with any other Airplay 2 supported devices, meaning they are not just a music system, but a full entertainment solution. Connect your TV via Airplay 2 to the KEF LSX 2 and they become a living room Netflix and gaming solution. If you prefer the physical connection option, the LSX 2 support HDMI ARC as well - and you can set the HDMI ARC input to be the default "wake on" input, so that every time the LSX 2s turn on, they'll be ready to receive your TV audio.

For people that demand more bass, the LSX 2s support wireless subwoofer connectivity via the KEF KW-1 adaptor. And unlike a lot of other wireless subwoofer adaptors, which are VERY prone to drop outs, the KEF KW-1 is rock solid. We've deployed many systems with the KW-1 supporting multiple subwoofers in a room, and we've never had a drop out yet. The KEF Connect app also has presets for all of KEF's subwoofers, so you simply need to tell the LSX 2 that you're using KEF model subwoofer, and all the audio profiles are set for you to optimise the performance.

Sure, there are entry level solutions that will do the same. But we're almost 100% certain than none will have the same level of musical performance that these do. 

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