How To Setup Your Bluesound Powernode

Setting up Bluesound Powernode (2021 Edition)

The Bluesound Powernode 2021 edition is one of the most affordable means of playing high resolution music. We take a closer look at the 2021 revision of the Powernode and set it up with a set of the KEF LS50 Meta and KEF KC62 Subwoofer.

  • 0:00 The Bluesound Powernode
  • 0:41 What you'll need to get started
  • 1:16 Start connecting equipment
  • 3:41 Wired Vs Wi-Fi Connection
  • 5:07 Using the BluOS Application
  • 7:10 Using Presets 9:02 Audio Settings
  • 9:42 Wi-Fi and Wired Best Practice
  • 10:20 Conclusion

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