Transparent Reference Speaker Cable
Transparent Reference Speaker Cable

Transparent Reference Speaker Cable


REFERENCE Speaker Cable (RSC) delivers extended and well-defined bass energy while creating a quiet interface between some of the most challenging speaker and amplifier combinations.

REFERENCE Speaker Cable is a significant performance upgrade when compared to Ultra Speaker Cable. Reference level cables are the first products in the Transparent family to be custom calibrated for the specific electrical output characteristics of your components. Additionally, the network components are more precisely matched to the cable’s inherent electrical properties and length. Direct gold plated, custom machined connectors made from solid Tellurium copper provide superior contact and exceptional power transfer. Finally, the larger and heavier, machined acrylic, network module more effectively damps vibration and resonances that can adversely affect performance.

REFERENCE Speaker Cable is available in 2 versions: High Z for high output impedance and Low Z for low output impedance amplifiers. RSC is also crafted with connector configurations and polarity to fit precisely and easily with your specific amplifier, speakers, and system layout. Contact Transparent or a Transparent dealer to determine which RSC version is the best fit for your amplifier and to discuss the details of your system connection.


Standard termination: SPADE > SPADE
Optional locking banana terminations
Biwire configuration available
Lengths: 8-feet, 10-feet, 12-feet, 15-feet, 20-feet, 25-feet, and longer
Specify amplifier, speakers, and system layout for optimal network calibration and cable configuration
Custom terminations/lengths/singles always available