VTL TL 5.5 Series 2 Preamp with Phono - As Traded

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Tube Preamplifier with optional MM/MC Phono stage.

Condition: Used in Excellent Condition

Here is preamp that is easy on the eye in appearance and a powerhouse in sound performance. The TL 5.5 is functional and glamorous the controls have a solid, secure feel and the rear panel sports six sets of line-level RCA input jacks (or five line plus phono, as in the review sample). Its two tape loops also accommodate outboard processors, which facilitates the use of the pre-amplifier in a home theater setup. Other features include two toroidal power transformers nestled into the right-hand side of the sturdy steel chassis, which makes a weighty package. High-quality parts including MIT Multi-caps are abundantly evident throughout the well laid-out interior. The well-shielded phono section is located away from the power transformers. A balanced differential design, the 5.5 offers XLR balanced as well as RCA unbalanced main output jacks. The option of running balanced cables is most useful if long interconnects are needed between preamp and amplifier. The balanced output may also provide better sonic performance in the 5.5 is matched with a true differential balanced amplifier.

Optional MM/MC phone stage built in. 

Comes with box and remote control