VAC PA160 Mono Tube Power Amps - As Traded

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VAC PA160 Mono Tube Power Amps - As Traded

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The PA160 is a wideband low-feedback monoblock power amplifier producing approximately 160 watts per chassis in standard trim. 

Premium parts are employed throughout, including 14 pound 22 section bifilar-wound ultra-wideband output transformers, polypropylene and polystyrene signal capacitors, high current rectifiers, low ESR power supply, and proprietary wiring. The quality of parts and careful layout allows the use of very little or no feedback for high sonic purity and low distortion.

  • -  160 watts power output with the fabulous new Golden Dragon KT88 (standard)

  • -  switch for triode, ultra-linear, or beam power/pentode modes of operation

  • -  user variable negative feedback

  • -  adjustable ground configuration switch to best compliment the associated preamplifier

  • -  multiple impedance taps to match loudspeakers from 1 to 8 ohms from massive 21 section wideband bifilar output transformers

  • -  high current capability

  • -  XLR and RCA input jacks for compatibility with balanced or single-ended sources

  • -  simple front panel bias indicators and adjustments allow easy monitoring and optimum performance (no meter required)

  • -  balanced push-pull circuitry, with push-pull conversion in the first stage to better exploit the inherent advantages of push-pull operation and to allow improved performance of the driver stage

  • -  audio path completely hand wired, allowing components to perform nearer to the theoretical ideal

  • -  non-magnetic chassis