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Unison Research Unico DM Power Amps - Pair

Unison Research Unico DM Power Amps. These are an Unico DM is a hybrid dual-mono power amplifier design that can blend seamlessly into most high-quality audio systems. If you are looking for a serious power amp setup this would be a great solution. The sound quality is natural and open and can satisfy the most demanding of music enthusiasts.


Power output: 160W RMS continuous on 8ohm (stereo)

650W RMS continuous on 8ohm (mono)

Frequency response: flat @ 10Hz ñ -0.1dB @ 100kHz

Input stage: Pure class A Double tube stage (ECC82/12AU7)

Output stage: Dynamic class A, Triple POWER MOSFET complementary pair

Input connectors: 1 unbalanced, 1 balanced

Output connectors: 4 + 4 per bi-wiring

Comes with boxes