TAD CR1 Compact Reference - As Traded
TAD CR1 Compact Reference - As Traded
TAD CR1 Compact Reference - As Traded
TAD CR1 Compact Reference - As Traded

TAD CR1 Compact Reference - As Traded


TAD CR1 Compact Reference - As Traded

Condition: Used in Excellent Condition

With the flagship TAD Reference One, TAD gained the wholehearted trust and respect of many of the world’s top artists and engineers. As the final goal of the point-source sound idea, it was created by merging advanced technologies with our engineers’ experience in order to achieve the ideal sound in a dwelling space. Now, we have reached a new zenith with the TAD Compact Reference, which takes advantage of all of the top-level technologies that went into the flagship models. Our objective was to achieve, in a compact size, point-source sound of such high quality that listeners will forget about the existence of the speaker. Its extraordinarily resonant sound will surely exceed your expectations.

The CST (Coherent Source Transducer) has enabled us to achieve our goal for the TAD Compact Reference: reproduction with controlled directivity over a wide range from a single point with uniform phase. The design of the midrange cone is based on detailed calculations, so not only does it have superior acoustic characteristics, but it also controls the directivity performance of the tweeter due to the concentric configuration. This unifies the acoustic center of the tweeter and midrange and reconciles the phase and directional characteristics through the crossover range. The CST Driver is thus a large step forward for coaxial speakers, enabling ultra wide range reproduction of 250Hz to 100kHz, accompanied by a directivity pattern which neatly dampens without disruption across all bands. The result is extremely clear and stable imaging, a wide frequency response and incredibly rich and natural sounding reproduction.

The bass driver was designed to achieve total linearity of the magnetic circuit, diaphragm and suspension. The magnetic circuit features our unique short voice coil OFGMS (Optimized Field Geometry Magnet Structure). With a long gap of 20mm (0.8 in.), it linearizes the magnetic flux density along the gap. This stabilizes drive performance from small to large amplitudes, achieving high linearity and consistently accurate waveform reproduction. 

The TLCC (Tri-Laminate Composite Cone) aramid diaphragm has a triple-laminated construction that provides near ideal physical properties. It delivers rich and clear low-bass with a mid-bass free of coloration. The suspension system employs TAD’s traditional corrugated edge, further contributing to the high linearity.

Model No



3-way bass reflex compact speaker

Drive Units

Bass: 20cm (8.0 in.) driver

Midrange/Tweeter: concentric 16cm (6.5 in.) cone/3.5cm (1.4 in.) dome

Performance Data

Frequency response: 32Hz to 100kHz

Crossover frequencies: 250Hz and 2kHz

Appropriate amplifier power: 50W to 200W

Sensitivity: 86dB (2.83V @ 1m free space) 

Nominal impedance: 4Ω


Weight: 46kg (101 lbs.)

Dimensions: 341mm (13.4 in.) (W) × 628mm (24.8 in.) (H) × 444mm (17.5 in.) (D)