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Stromtank S-4000 Power Generator ... coming soon in 2021!

Stromtank S-4000 Power Generator ... coming soon in 2021!


Only the STROMTANK power generator offers you the unique opportunity to provide your system with stable energy completely disconnected from the electrical grid. This complete network separation works for hours and it may be perfect for you during this time no matter how many power plants are on and off or how many hair dryers and PowerLAN adapters in the neighbourhood are causing mischief.

The main feature of each STROMTANK is a powerful generator combined with a high capacity battery and a unique feature.  

Each Stromtank model has 2 different working modes:

1. ON-grid (blue illumination at front meter)

STROMTANK supplies the audio system from the electrical grid according to the principle of a regenerator, but with one important difference: an insufficient power supply will be compensated by a block of rechargeable batteries which, thanks to a permanent controlling of the system, is able to supply as much energy as required (boost-function)

2. OFF-grid (green illumination at front meter)

All audio components connected to STROMTANK are supplied solely by the batteries with constant current. The average autonomous operating time is 4-8 hours, depending on the choice of STROMTANK model and the energy consumption of the connected components.  When the battery state-of-charge reaches a critical minimum, the STROMTANK will automatically recharge itself from the mains.

This development was possible by using the new and innovative battery technology: lithium iron phosphate (LFP).  STROMTANK uses a special type of LFP battery that shines with maximum power delivery, maximum lifetime, voltage stability and intrinsic safety.

Another essential point is the lifetime of STROMTANK’s LFP batteries. This is ensured by our battery management system specially developed for these needs.  Decisive for the long life cycle of a battery is the professional treatment of each individual cell with an intelligent, active battery management system. His priority tasks are:

  • Active balancing up to 10A bi-directional (charging & discharging)
  • Inspection of temperature, voltage, current load and state-of-charge of each single cell
  • absolutely maintenance free

Special Front Finish available upon request.  Additional fee applies.