Pathos Classic Remix Integrated Amp with DAC

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Pathos Classic Remix HiDAC Integrated Amp

Type Integrated stereo amplifier, fully balanced, Hybrid technology.
Preamplifier stage Tube (2x6922 ECC88)
Final stage solid stade, bridge mode, class AB
Output Power 2x70 W RMS @ 8 Ω (Both channel driven)
Frequency response 1,5Hz - 200KHz ± 0,5dB
Max input voltage 4,25VRMS
Input sensitivity 500m VRMS
Input impedance 47K Ω
Output polarity Non- inverting. Balanced pin 2 +
Volume regulator 2 x Burr Brown PGA2310 (180 steps 0,5dB)
THD 0,025% @ 70W
S/N Ratio > 100dB
Power requirements 250W @ 70W PC / 100W @ zero volume / < 0,5W@standby
Analogue inputs 1 balanced XRL
4 unbalanced RCA
Digital inputs of HiDac board, 1 USB port type "B", 1 SPDIF coaxial, 1 SPDIF optical
Outputs 1 Pre out stereo line
1 connector for jack headphone 6.3mm