MBL C11 + C21 + C31

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MBL C11 Preamp + C21 Power Amp + C31 CD Player

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Here is a great combination from MBL which incorporates 3 products a preamp, power amp and CD player. 

The preamp is one of their high-grade preamplifier. MBL invested all our expertise into the development of the Corona Line preamplifier, holding it to MBL’s high-end standard, the sophisticated power supply system enhances the sound quality. There are also many inputs to plug in just about any source. The sound quality is superb and very musical.

This C21 power amplifiers dedicated stereo chassis. It is the ideal counterpart to the Corona C11 Preamplifier, taking your sound presentation to the next level. Together they flawlessly control any loudspeaker without strain.

The C31, CD-DAC with a high class CD drive partnered with a trailblazing Digital Converter system derived from the Reference Line. The new Corona CD-DAC joins you on your way into the new era. Its native USB interface as well as the two additional digital inputs make it an easy to use, first-class connection between media file and stereo system. This CD-DAC allows you the best of both worlds: you can enjoy your valuable CD collection or play back the highly resolved data provided by your computer.