Mark Levinson No 52 Preamplifier - As Traded

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Mark Levinson No 52 Preamplifier

Condition: Used in Excellent Condition

Here is a No:52 is a two-chassis component designed with meticulous attention to detail both in its topology and in features that offer comprehensive system configurability. The rationale of this approach is to isolate the pure analogue audio circuitry from any possible source of pollution: it physically separates the power supply and microprocessor-driven controls from the audio electronics contained in the larger chassis. The volume control is via a precision ladder resistor network with fine gain adjustment in 0.1dB steps. And with appropriate audiophile-quality recordings it helped serve up an expansive and enveloping soundstage that drew us in to a musical performance in a manner that was dangerously addictive. Playing. The sound was more ‘beautiful’, brimming with deeply saturated and vibrant tone colours, and always inviting. The opened and musical and fabulous with accuracy of a laser. Its alos relaxed, smooth and sweet but without being too mellow with razor sharp vivid and ultra-detailed without appearing antiseptically clean. 

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