Mark Levinson No.436

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Mark Levinson No.436 - Single Mono Power Amp

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Mark Levinson No.436 solid-state monoblock power amplifier. Some of the many features include a pair of pair madrigal speaker binding posts, XLR balanced input. The huge rated power output 350 Wpc into 8 ohms (25.4dBW), 700W minimum continuous into 4 ohms (25.4dBW), 1400W minimum continuous RMS power at 2 ohms. Sonically, the Mark Levinson No. 436 is pure, Its powerful and fast, and well controlled, these amplifier have a death grip on your speakers that can make even demanding impedance loads from offbeat audiophile speakers perform wonderfully when playing the most extreme music and/or film soundtracks. The highs on the Mark Levinson No. 436 are open and pleasantly quiet.