Mark Levinson 532 EU Power Amp - As Traded

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Here is a powerhouse amp from Mark Levinson the Nº 532 EU. Meticulous craftsmanship is evident in the uniquely engineered design. To create the optimum power delivery system, the chassis of the Nº 532 is specially designed to isolate the audio circuits from interference and noise. These Mark Levinson amplifiers have been synonymous with superb audio. With cutting-edge technologies that push the reproduction of any source material to new levels of realism, Mark Levinson components have been lauded as the best of the best by serious listeners around the world. The No532 dual-mono power amplifier further extends this proud tradition. Simply put, the No532 is the best 

Mark Levinson dual-mono amplifier. Featuring two 400-watt monaural power amplifiers housed in a single chassis