Marantz AX 1000 Audio Computer

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Marantz AX 1000 Audio Computer

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Here is a piece of audio history. The Marantz Audio Computer . 

The Marantz AX-1000 is a high-speed microprocessor-based computer that performs sophisticated signal processing totally in the digital domain. Its four main areas of audio processing include frequency response control, ambience control, audio signal conditioning and testing and measurement facilities. The AX-1000 uses digital signal processing (DSP) for all its functions, thus eliminating all analog processing imperfections such as noise and phase problems. 

The Marantz AX-1000 is equipped with two 4-inch front-panel color LCD screens that show all pertinent operating information. In addition, the displays can ben used to show system frequency response via the system's real-time analyzer, plus other graphic modes to support the test-based menu functions. The AX-1000 operates entirely from its remote control, which features a track-ball system similar to those found on computers. Video outputs are provided for each LCD screen, allowing the use of external video monitors or computer displays.

The AX-1000 is designed with all circuit systems located on separate, plug-in cards. This design provides maximum flexibility for future upgrades and gives the user the freedom to custom configure the system to his needs. Marantz uses this 'sequential development' circuit design so that AX-1000 owners can keep with improvements in DSP technology.

Measure facilities
The Marantz AX-1000 provides a full palette of sophisticated measuring facilities. Included are a sine generator that delivers digitally synthesized sine waves for any frequency from 20Hz to 20 kHz, with adjustable level from 0 dB to -80 dB; a white noise generator that provides white noise over a range of 0 dB to -80 dB; and a pink noise generator for pink noise from 0 dB to -80 dB. The AX-1000's Real-Time Analyzer functions as a 27-band real-time analyzer at frequencies from 40 Hz to 16 kHz. A defeatable peakhold function is included.


Analog input sensitivity:   500mV
Analog input impedance:   10 k-ohms
Analog output level:   2 volts
Analog output impedance:   50 ohms

A/D converter
Total harmonic distortion (0dB/1kHz):   0.003%
Signal-to-noise ratio:   90dB
Frequency response:   15Hz to 20kHz

D/A converter
Total harmonic distortion (0dB/1kHz):   0.003%
Signal-to-noise ratio:   100dB
Frequency response:   15Hz to 20kHz
Channel separation:   100 dB/ 1kHz

Digital Input Level
Coaxial:   0.5 volts p-p
Optical:   -19 dBm to -21 dBm

Digital Output Level
Coaxial:   0.5 volts p-p