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Magico Q3 Floorstanding Aluminium Speakers

Condition: Used in Superb Condition 

The Q3 achieves a 90dB efficiency rating, setting a new standard for moderately-sized, full-range loudspeaker performance, by incorporating the Q design platform for ideally engineered loudspeaker enclosures with a new and remarkably efficient 7” Nano-Tec® driver.

MAGICO has pioneered the use of aluminum in loudspeakers design. We built our first aluminum enclosure back in 1994 and have never looked back. Extremely stiff yet easy to damp, a properly designed aluminum enclosure is the ideal platform for high-performance loudspeakers. So inert, the enclosures have no discernible coloration of their own-allowing the drivers to operate with the utmost clarity and dynamics. Though costly to implement, the use of aluminum in our enclosures plays a vital role in our design philosophy.

Driver Complement:
1 x 1" (2.54cm) Tweeter
1 x 6" (15.24cm) Midrange
3 x 7” (17.78cm) Bass

Sensitivity: 90dB

Impedance: 4 Ohms

Frequency Response:
26 Hz - 50 kHz

Recommended Power:
30 watts

47"H x 16"D x 10.5"W
(119.38cm x 41.64cm x 26.67cm)

Weight: 250 lbs. (113 kg)
Shipping Weight: 600 lbs. (272 kg)