Loewe Klang Sub1

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Loewe Klang Sub1
Loewe Klang Sub1
Loewe Klang Sub1
Loewe Klang Sub1
Loewe Klang Sub1
Loewe Klang Sub1

Loewe Klang Sub1

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Immersive 3D cinema sound experience in your living room

  • Premium materials like stainless steel and high-quality acoustic fabric
  • Bluetooth Wireless Subwoofer
  • Suitable for SL3, SL4, SL5 and SL7 chassis
  • 160 Watt total music power
  • Latency-free sound experience thanks to Bluetooth with aptX Low
  • 4 x passive radiators and 2 x 4-inch active speakers
  • High-quality acoustic fabric
  • Black acrylic glass surface
  • klang sub1 Transmitter included for connection to other brand televisions.

Upgrade Loewe TV

Connect the new sound sub1 to your Loewe TV and let yourself be enchanted by the impressive sound quality.

Powerful sound

The arrangement of 4x passive radiators and 2 x 4-inch active speakers with 2 x 50W audio output power create a perfect foundation for the integrated TV speaker.

Compact housing

The hexagonal arrangement of the loudspeaker enables us to build this very compact and powerful subwoofer.

Vibration free

Due to the arrangement of the loudspeaker chassis and passive emitters, the sound sub1 is absolutely vibration-free.

Premium design

The high-quality, selected materials, the acoustic fabric and the cover plate made of black and lacquered acrylic provide a sophisticated and elegant look.

Low latency

The subwoofer supports Bluetooth low latency with the apt-x standard, which enables a latency-free sound experience.

Strong foundation for excellent TV sound.

The new Bluetooth active subwoofer Loewe klang sub1 with low latency (aptX) transforms the television together with the TV soundbar into a powerful 2.1 sound system.

With 100 watts of power, four passive membranes and two active bass speakers, the Klang sub1 offers a maximum of impressive bass. 

The design lovers, in turn, will be impressed by its high-quality processed materials, such as the acoustic fabric or the surface made of black and lacquered acrylic glass as well as the intelligent cable routing. 

The new Loewe klang sub1 fits all Loewe TV sets with SL3-. SL4 and SL5 chassis and can be used wirelessly with the Loewe television. as well as other competitive devices with variable audio line-out. Transmitter necessary

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