Linn Akurate DSM/1 with HDMI & 2200 Power Amp

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Linn Akurate DSM/1 with HDMI & 2200 Power Amp

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Linn"Akutate"series DSM streamer with matching 2 channel power amp. The Akurate DSM a music streamer of amazing sound quality it is also a stunning preamplifier which includes an internal phono stage. Akurate DSM excels with any digital music, reproducing your favourite albums with exceptional dynamic range and musical detail. Choose your preferred phone or tablet to control your music and select from high quality internet radio stations and the latest online music services. Other features include enough analogue and digital inputs to connect any audio source, it will also bring your movies, tv and games to life like never before.

Akurate 2200 power amp with Dynamic power supply 

Exceptional power amp silent, cool-running and highly efficient, Akurate amplifiers can effortlessly power even the most demanding music, delivering loud, complex passages and quiet interludes with equal precision. This is a 2 channel, distortion-free amplifier are available, each featuring our ground-breaking Dynamik Switch Mode Power Supply and 200 W version of our patented Chakra technology. So whatever the system set-up—be that stereo, multi-channel or multi-amp—you can enjoy high quality, distortion free and ultra-responsive amplification, now and in the future.

Comes with remote control.