Gryphon VIP M5 1.5m Power Cable

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Gryphon VIP M 5 1.5m Power Cable

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The design platform behind the VIP M5 Power cord – is that the crucial aspect of a power cord is not what it does, but rather the far more important question of what it does not do.

The built quality is rigid mechanical construction and unstressed conductors of the purest metals are employed. Crystalline purity ensures fewer crystal boundaries and eliminates distortion caused by amplitude-dependent signal transmission. With multiple layers of insulation contribute to uniform pressure on the conductors and effectively eliminate the “acoustic memory” of insulating materials, which in other cables causes smearing and degraded impulse response. The end result is a uncompromisingly neutral and unique level of tonal coherence from deep, detailed bass up through the rich, open midrange to the airy transparency of the highest frequencies.