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Gryphon Atlantis Loudspeakers

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Gryphon Atlantis is fantastic... balanced, transparent, one of the best speakers . Some of the many features in the Atlantis is its enclosures incorporate massive internal bracing and are filled with a combination of natural and synthetic damping materials to create an ideal, inert platform for the drivers and crossover. Considerable care has gone into the contouring of the baffle and driver surrounds to eliminate diffraction. Other advanced technologies, hand-crafted from the finest materials and assembled with unswerving dedication and attention to detail. Gryphon Atlantis offers low-level dynamic resolution, superior transient articulation and bass weight that enhance the involvement and realism of any musical source.


- Three-way loudspeaker system

- Duelund Constant Phase crossover for perfect phase at all frequencies at all times

- System response 25 Hz – 32 kHz, -3 dB (depending on room size)

- On-axis, time-aligned front baffle curvature for identical arrival time from all drivers at the listening position

- Special cone surround termination to eliminate edge reflections

- Hand-adjusted passive crossover network

- Battery-powered bias for selected crossover capacitors

- Accuton 30mm concave ceramic tweeter loaded with proprietary Gryphon wave guide

- Reinforced enclosures with extensive internal bracing

- Custom made Danish 8” woofer and 5” midrange drive units

- Combination of pure wool and synthetic interior damping materials

- Stylish string grille for driver protection

- Designed and hand-built in Denmark