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Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 OPEN Headphones
Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 OPEN Headphones
Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 OPEN Headphones

Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 OPEN Headphones

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ÆON 2 is the crown jewel of the ÆON line, surpassing prior models in both sound and comfort. While it shares the ergonomic teardrop shape of ÆON RT, don’t be fooled: ÆON 2 is an all-new headphone, with a 2nd generation motor design that bumps up the bass, increases soundstage, and delivers realistic dynamics, as well as a patented folding gimbal for easy transport in a case that’s half the size of ÆON RT. The ÆON 2 is built to be even lighter, making it exceptionally comfy (and a perfect travel companion). 


Most headphones aren’t shaped like the ear or head, making them susceptible to pinching and clamping that fatigue the listener after a few hours. ÆON 2’s patented ear-shaped design is angled to complement the natural shape of your skull, conforming to virtually anyone’s head without discomfort. (In fact, it’s not uncommon for ÆON 2 to be deemed “comfortable enough to sleep in”.)


Most lightweight headphones are primarily made of plastic, but they wanted to find a stronger, more durable alternative - so they constructed ÆON 2’s headband and baffle entirely out of carbon fibre, aluminium, and titanium. Clocking in at a featherweight 328 grams, ÆON 2 is among the most comfortable headphones on the market, but built to stand the test of time.


Every Dan Clark Audio planar magnetic headphone is powered by a 100% proprietary driver. No off-the-shelf parts stuck into a new enclosure here - the drivers are designed in-house! Features include: Super-efficient transducer keeps weight down by reducing magnet size Patented Trueflow technology improves airflow through the motor, producing a major upgrade in detail retrieval (AEON 2 sports the advanced second-generation Trueflow design) Patented V-Planar driver processing: textures the driver surface for superior low-frequency performance and improved diaphragm stability


ÆON 2’s unique and patented folding gimbal design allows it to pack into a truly compact case that can fit into nearly anything, even a large purse. For travellers who crave that full-size headphone experience but have limited space, ÆON 2 sets a new standard in portable excellence.


Driver Type: Planar magnetic
Driver Size: 62mm x 34mm single-ended
Capacitance with 2m cable: 14 ohms
Weight: 326 gr
Ear Pad Material: 
Synthetic Protein
Shipping Dimensions: 11x8x5 inches
Shipping Weight: 3 lb
Frequency Response: Yes