DALI Fazon Mikro 5.1 System

DALI Fazon Mikro 5.1 System

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DALI Fazon Mikro 5.1 System

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Small, but perfectly formed, the Dali Fazon Mikro 5.1 speaker is the ideal sub/sat combination for discreet, quality sound.

A proper speaker - in miniature
The Fazon Mikro speakers may be tiny but that doesn't stop them being proper two-way designs with a 20mm soft dome tweeter and 4" wood fibre mid-range driver. The cabinets boast a high-gloss lacquered aluminium casing with a coated composite front baffle for the perfect combination of rigidity and precise sound staging. Combined, they give the Fazon Mikro a typically Dali sound quality - smooth, detailed and utterly engaging.

Dedicated subwoofer
With its 90W amplifier and dedicated bass woofer, the compact but powerful subwoofer adds a great bottom line to the sound. Situated on the rear panel of the sub you'll find controls for volume, phase and frequency cut-off, giving precise control for just the right amount of bass. There's also the option of auto power for added ease of use.

Flexible positioning
It's not just class-leading sound quality that sets this speaker package apart, it has class-leading flexibility to boot. Equipped with brackets, it's easy to wall mount these speakers, and the shape of the bracket keeps the speaker close to the wall for a low profile and bass reinforcement. If you'd rather not wall mount, the supplied padded feet make bookshelf positioning simple.

Style and sound
Supplied with removable grilles, the black Fazon Mikro speakers certainly look the part. What's more, the rubberised baffle lets you get a grip and adjust with the utmost accuracy. The Dali Fazon Mikro satellite speakers prove you can have style and sound in an affordable package.

Superbly stylish but with the emphasis still very much on sound quality, the Dali Fazon Mikro speakers are true all-rounders.