Clearaudio Stradivari V2 MC Cartridge
Clearaudio Stradivari V2 MC Cartridge

Clearaudio Stradivari V2 MC Cartridge


An impressive 95¬decibel dynamic range is made possible through the use of patented V2 technology and of the finest high-end materials. This lightweight precision cartridge weighs only seven grams. It is the result of highly devotional microscopic craftsmanship – mastery of perfection in design and material selection. Important ingredients are a body of long-aged ebony, a precisely ground twelve finger platform and coils of 24-gold. The result: a stunning listening experience of almost unbelievable transparency and depth. A name to live up to. Meticulousness of design, spurred on by a goal of redefining the best and raising the bar ever higher, have led to a masterpiece of German craftsmanship.


Total mass  7.0g
Frequency response  20Hz - 100kHz
Output voltage (at 5cm/s)  0.6mV
Channel separation  > 30dB
Channel balance  < 0.5dB
Tracking ability  80μm
Recommended tracking force  2.8g (± 0.2g)
Cartridge impedance  50Ω
Cantilever / stylus shape  Boron / HD Diamond
Compliance  15μ/mN
Coil assembly  Absolutely symmetrical design
Coil material  24 carat gold
Cartridge body  Ebony wood