Classé Audio Delta Stereo Power Amplifier

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Classé Audio Delta Stereo Power Amplifier

The Delta Stereo distills all of Classé's innovation and knowledge into a compact high-performance stereo amplifier.

The first 12.5W of power output are pure Class A, and with a total of 250W per channel at its command, this compact, powerful amplifier drives loudspeakers with utmost confidence.

Delta STEREO delivers exceptional clarity. Every effort has been made to preserve complete separation between channels, delivering the natural, expansive sound that Classé is legendary for.

  • Hand-laid circuit boards
  • 6-layer circuit boards provide for shortened signal and power pathways with lowest noise
  • 22 4-pole Mundorf® capacitors
  • Custom-made Navcom® feet to absorb vibrations
  • Furutech® rhodium-plated RCA and torque-guard speaker connectors


Up to 12.5W per Channel delivered in pure Class A operation

250W per Channel into 8 Ohms

Massive, high-quality power supply

Custom toroidal transformer