Classé Audio Delta Pre

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Classé Audio Delta Pre

The association of Audio Connection and Classé Audio goes back decades and we are very pleased to have their very latest products here for audition.

Designed to connect to a range of sources, the Delta PRE will extract the highest performance from every recording, whether analog or digital.

Pre-amplifiers provide clean and controlled signals to the power stage. Both precision and perfection are required, and are delivered by Delta PRE.


Network, USB, AES/EBU, coax and optical inputs with optional HDMI

XLR and RCA inputs

Short signal paths to minimise signal interference

Custom-made Navcom® feet absorb and reduce vibrations

High-performance onboard MC/MM Phono stage supports up to two phono inputs

  • 0.25dB volume step precision to find your perfect sound level
  • Digital domain tone control with Delta PRE Tilt control
  • Support for mono or stereo subwoofers for better control of bass
  • Selectable frequency and slope control
  • Advanced five-band digital domain parametric equalization
  • Digital bypass mode available to all analog sources
  • Pass thru mode